Why You Should Use Aloe Vera While on Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

When taking anti-inflammatory drugs, aloe vera can also be taken in combination. Injuries cause painful inflammatory reactions in the muscles, tendons and/or joints. A non-steroid anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drug is prescribed and this medication has been extremely helpful in dealing with acute or chronic pain. Unfortunately adverse side effects have been noted. These include negative consequences involving the kidneys, and sometimes a person’s asthma may get worse. Stomach and duodenal erosions are caused by NSAID use which in turn can evolve into bleeding ulcers and if the bleeding is severe enough, death ensues.

Many doctors will use NSAID in combination with another drug in order to offset these negative side effects. One is an acid suppression with the reasoning that if there is less stomach acid than there will be less irritation to the stomach. The proper digestion of foods is affected. A more acceptable approach is taking something that will aide in the healing process of the gastric mucosa. Taking aloe vera seems to be the right ingredient when this needs to be done. The lesions become less evident, and the stomach is also less irritated by the use of NSAID. The likelihood of a bleeding ulcer is curtailed.

The number of people who have where to buy anabolic steroids died while taking NSAID is alarmingly high. This does not include individuals who are in need of hospitalization but who have not had symptoms of stomach ulcer, though present.

There are enteric coated medications that seem to minimize the damage done to the stomach lining. But there is no healing proponent to it and so these are dispensed to individuals like candy.

Aloe vera taken with NSAID allows healing and minimizes the damage done by this medication. The healing properties of NSAID are what is needed in order to combat the destructive influence NSAID has on the entire digestive system of the body.

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